How to Score high in IB Physics
Sam March 16, 2023


IB Physics  is considered as a tricky subject. The myth that Physics involves too much concepts and technical know-how discourages a lot of students to give their best efforts. I am writing this blog to burst this myth and share a success strategy for IB Physics.


Is Physics  too Conceptual?

The honest answer is no. It does involve some concepts but that is true for every subject. The issue in Physics concepts is that the basic concepts begin to integrate with each other as the level increases. For instance, to understand the topics of work, power, and energy, one should’ve a good understanding of the concepts in kinematics and force. Moreover, one should not run from the concepts but rather take them head on and try to understand them as it improves our understanding and imaginative abilities.


Understand your Syllabus

One must break down Physics syllabus and then make a road map towards dealing with sub parts like kinematics, dynamics, optics etc. The initial or introductory chapters of all sub parts form the basic foundation of these parts. On these foundational chapters, complicated questions and concepts are created as the level increases.



Role of Maths

Mathematics is a subject that is used in every other subject like Physics, Chemistry, Economic, etc. Basic understanding of integration and differentiation is enough to overcome mathematical problems in IB Physics Exam paper questions comprising derivation and concepts.


How to Improve Understanding?

Physics  is a subject that one cannot and must not cram. It involves a good degree of understanding. Students often find it challenging. A good strategy to improve understanding involves two steps. One is that student should’ve read the theory involved in the topic and second is the derivation involved to get to the formulae. Theory part helps in creating a virtual video in our mind and removes the ambiguities whereas derivation helps in improving the mathematical portion understanding which is useful in solving numerical.


Resource Shortlisting and Note-Making

The resources from which you are studying like books, notes or online videos must be limited and credible. Limited in the sense that one should not follow more than 2-3 books as it will take a lot of time to cover the syllabus. For question practice also you should stick to 2-3 books and then if you find extra time, you may pick another publication. But two or three books are more than sufficient to score good marks. Notes are also important, especially handwritten one. It is better to make notes that have gist of the topic that you studied. It should consist of definitions, important derivations, formulae and examples (which encompasses all the concepts). Diagrams can also be helpful with the theoretical notes.


Importance of Practice

Practise is a very important part of scoring good marks in IB Exam 2023. Numerical practice as well as theoretical practice helps in retaining what we have studied and improves the understanding of topics studied. One can start with solved examples and then move on to unsolved examples to strengthen problem solving ability.



Previous Year Questions

Whichever exam you are preparing for, you must solve the previous year questions of the same exam. Solving these papers helps in making us understand the level at which our preparation should be and how we may approach the exam. For instance, some papers or  topics ask more numerical or deprivation questions whereas other may ask for more theoretical and conceptual understanding. In such variation in the exams, previous year question help in understanding the demands of the examiner.


Good Mentorship

This subject requires a good mentorship with which we can discuss topics and doubts. A good guide makes the entire process easy by addressing the doubts and also enhances our conceptual understanding.



In the last few days before exam, one should revise the notes made and the questions which you found tricky or difficult. Since conceptual understanding has been done by this time, question practice, solving previous year questions and going through tough questions is the best thing to do. It also helps in retaining the topics in mind.


Mock Tests

These tests are an important part of the strategy. Once you are done with the preparation then to evaluate yourself in a time bound manner, IB mock tests are helpful. These tests improves you ability to tackle unexpected, difficult and tricky questions. In the final examination, question from different topics are asked and you have to then shift gears from one topic to another. Therefore, to make your mind used to this, mock tests are the best way forward.



Physics is a very interesting and high scoring topic. A decent effort in Physics can easily push a student in the top 5% category. Above mentioned points are components of a success strategy that has been tested time and again. Sincerity and discipline with the subject without a doubt will be highly rewarding for the student. Right set of guidance, study material, practice and evaluation are the key to ace IB Physics Test Paper.


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