How to score 7 in IB BIOLOGY HL
Alaya March 16, 2023


Reading well and a lot is the key to getting a 7 in IB Biology. However, without a roadmap to keep you on the right path, it might be challenging to rewrite properly. Here are listed some of the best tips to score 7 in IB Biology HL/SL.



For any new unit you desire to study, define the scope and context, create an outline, and rank all the themes and subtopics. This gives you a realistic idea of what you should learn and how long it will take. It also stops you from becoming overwhelmed by too much information.

Decide which key concepts you must master to ensure that you only study the material needed for the exams and that your revision does not veer off course.



Given the volume of material required for the IB Biology Exam2023, it's critical to have a reliable resource for any knowledge that might be needed. Take thorough notes from the syllabus and the textbook for each topic before condensing them into flashcards. Making your own notes, whether typed or written, is the ideal approach to accomplish this.



You must learn and be able to define a lot of terminology because IB Biology has a lot of content. Consolidating this knowledge with flashcards is an excellent idea because they are simple to revisit later.

Classic paper flashcards or digital versions are both acceptable forms of these study aids. Create flashcards for every topic in IB Biology.




Regardless of when you first learn a subject, you should always start by taking a self-test on it. Even if you have no knowledge or remembrance of a topic, try asking questions and try to remember details.

The most efficient technique to start learning is to attempt practise problems and test oneself on important concepts. You must deliberately force your memory to recall and retrieve any prior knowledge you may have on the issue. The best way to understand, absorb, and retain material for your tests is through this strategy.



Keep the grass from growing under your feet. Spend a lot of time each day going over previous lectures, completing numerous related activities, and looking through the topic of upcoming classes.

Reviewing previously taught material will help your brain remember it better and for a longer period. You can review previously learned material by engaging in a variety of relevant activities.

You should devote a lot of time to mastering the material in courses with a lot of tough material; do not skip them because of their challenging content.



Why not invent a brand-new strategy to earn a 7 in IB Biology HL/SL when you grow weary of reading endless words?

If the information is presented graphically, biology students will find it easier to understand. By using the mind map to portray the important ideas in various colours and your imagination, you can be inspired and enjoy learning. Draw it out and use as few words as possible.

By doing this, you can memories a text more quickly and effectively than by simply reading it. Additionally, create a note of any important lessons that you frequently forget and post it throughout your home so that you can constantly refer to it.



Before going to the next lesson, make sure you comprehend the material from the prior one. Soon enough, there will be so much knowledge to acquire that you will have to properly self-teach yourself the new material, which requires a lot more time and work. The information will pile up and overwhelm you. Here, the word "understand" is crucial. Knowing the information by heart is useless if you are unable to use it to answer an exam question.

Read through your notes occasionally to brush up the topics or apt for some IB Study Material Online. Skim through your notes whenever you have a spare moment to get as familiar with them as you can. For instance, instead of checking your notes while eating breakfast, arrange them in front of you.



To answer the "draw" questions, use a whiteboard. The examiners could ask you about roughly 30 distinct "draw" syllabus points, and these are simple scores to get. Drawing an animal cell or the carbon cycle can earn you between 2 and 6 marks, and you don't even need to be artistic.




As a result, you started by evaluating your data on topics you hadn't very studied, and currently you see however very little you recognize. That's however things must be compelled to be. Study deeper and increase your data.



Go back to look at and measure how you answered the question. Read every purpose on the mark system to spot any gaps in your understanding. Link the data to what you ought to apprehend.



Create library of maps, flowcharts, and diagrams in your mind to represent the different processes. The greatest method to study in IB Biology is to present facts in a way you can grasp.

It is useful in any process with clearly defined stages, or a sequence of actions is ideal for flowcharts.



Read through your notes occasionally. Skim through your notes whenever you have a spare moment to get as familiar with them as you can. For instance, if you are sitting with your family, arrange your notes in front of you rather than browsing social media. This will help to overcome the forgetfulness curve.



Now that you have gone through with some tricks to achieve grade 7 in IB Biology Exam, kick start your preparations and rock this year in all IB Exams with Tribe Topper.


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