5 Keys to crack difficult exams
Ridhima April 21, 2023

Exams over the last decade have become competitive. This has prompted the examiners to raise the difficulty of the exams. Even then there are students who are able to score excellent marks. They have cracked the key strategies to score good number. In the following points we have narrowed down 5 keys to crack difficult exams.


Time Management

Remember, while preparing for exams you are always on a ticking clock. It is very important to manage your time optimally. A well-managed timeline is one that offers you time for all subjects, which is flexible and not a one size fits all approach. One size fits all refers to a strategy that distributes equal amount of time for all subjects, weak and strong. Such a strategy is redundant, we need more time for addressing issues in weak subjects rather than improving in small amounts in our strong subjects, it’s basic cost-benefit analysis.

One can make a time table to bring more discipline in studies by allocating time for different subjects in a way that is consistent with your coaching days. Another strategy is to go for a target oriented approach. In such time management focus is on completing daily target, weekly target and monthly target of academic tasks. A hybrid of above two is also a popular strategy. You must manage your time that best brings out your strength.



Conceptual understanding and practice

In IB and IGCSE boards you need to have a strong conceptual knowledge to get a perfect score. Most students cram the syllabus rather than understanding the basic concepts. In order to do so thoroughly go through your textbook, mark the important points and make short notes and that will be your go to friend during revision. Especially for the IGCSE students a good guide and a mentor will be very helpful. Watching animated videos will also help in better understanding of the concepts involved in the topic.

We all know that practice is the key to success. Try to practice as much as you can. Solve your assignments timely and make sure you clear your doubts of the world as it will help you get a good hold of the topics and increase your accuracy.

In subjects like Math’s and Physics numerical practice is a must so try to solve as many Question-Banks as you can. Dont forget to go through the previous year’s papers, solving the past year questions will help you identify the level of the exam and modify your approach accordingly. It will give you a better understanding of the paper pattern.


Evaluate yourself

One of the most important things during preparation that most students skip out on is evaluation. Assessing yourself from time to time is an essential practice that should be carried out for successful exam preparation.

Mock tests and time bound practice assignments are a key component of self-evaluation. Again, a good guide and mentor can help you in your evaluation. Once done, jot down your errors, analyze your mistakes and learn from them. Make strategies to overcome your shortcomings and practice extensively with a special focus on your weak topics.


Minimize resources-maximize output

Resource management is a true time saver. Make sure your resources are credible and reliable. For subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Math’s a thousand publications are available, narrow down your choices and stick to 2-3 resources at maximum as excessive resources can lead to confusion. Sort out your notes and books pre hand so that you know your go-to resources during quick revision. Keep your Keynotes handy, this will allow you to save time during revision.



Optimize your execution

Stress management: Stress is a part of being human and it can often lead to self-doubt. Try to keep a positive attitude and trust your knowledge. Don’t doubt yourself and have faith in your hard work. Keep your cool and don’t overthink. Find your stress outlet and use it to relax yourself.

Importance of sleep and exercise: Both sleep and exercise play an important role in one’s physical and mental health.

Make sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep as it keeps you fresh and energetic throughout the day. It increases your concentration power and helps your brain to work more efficiently. A healthy mind is your best friend. Exercising is a great stress buster that keeps you fresh. It enhances the quality of your sleep and helps in building a healthy body which results in better academic performance.



On an overall note, managing your time, being consistent, and maintaining your discipline will make attaining your goal easier. Make enough time for revision, clear your doubts, and keep your basics strong. Take care of both your physical and mental health. Keep your cool, work hard and believe in yourself. And nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goal.


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